Lady and Sofa

Tan Thieu

Code 1123
Oil on canvas
100cm x 120cm
US$ 1,500.0
Village in Spring

Nguyen Van Hai

Code 1088
Lacquer on canvas
130cm x 100cm
Please Ask
Husband & Wife

Truong Dinh Hao

Code 1040
Paper paintings
55cm x 80cm
US$ 1,000.0
Street Corner

Duong Ngoc Son

Code 982
Oil on canvas
150cm x 100cm
US$ 1,600.0
Royal Musicians

Phan Linh Bao Hanh

Code 925
Oil on canvas
140cm x 90cm
US$ 1,800.0
Nguyen Quoc Dung , vietnam artist , vietnam painting , vietnam art , vietnamese paintings , lady

Nguyen Quoc Dung

Code 40
Oil on canvas
90cm x 80cm
US$ 1,500.0
Thai Vinh Thanh , oil on canvas , vietnam artist , Fishing

Thai Vinh Thanh

Code 81
Oil on canvas
80cm x 60cm
US$ 250.0
Painting No.266

Nguyen Thien Duc

Code 266
Oil on canvas
180cm x 90cm
US$ 2,500.0
Ho Quang

Ho Quang

Code 167
Oil on canvas
94cm x 78cm
US$ 4,500.0
Le Tan Loc , vietnam artist , vietnam painting , hoi an , boat , flower

Le Tan Loc

Code 155
Paper paintings
70cm x 86cm
US$ 150.0
Thieu Cong Binh , landscape painting , red

Thieu Cong Binh

Code 258
Oil on canvas
90cm x 100cm
US$ 600.0
Pham Hoang Anh , vietnam artist , vietnam painting , vietnam art , lady

Pham Hoang Anh

Code 404
Oil on canvas
70cm x 90cm
US$ 1,300.0
The Khanh , vietnam artist , vietnam painting , vietnam art , vietnamese paintings , Ha Long Bay

The Khanh

Code 643
Oil on canvas
120cm x 80cm
US$ 1,200.0
Colorless Rainbow

Dang Xuan Hoa

Code 1366
Oil on canvas
130cm x 70cm
Please Ask
Lady and Lotus 3

Nguyen Lam

Code 1298
Oil on canvas
83cm x 100cm
Please Ask
Hang Vai's Street

Pham Hoang Minh

Code 1142
Oil on canvas
110cm x 100cm
US$ 1,600.0