Veteran artist Tran Luu Hau passes away at 92 (06/19/2021)

Tran Luu Hau master artist

Vietnamese artist Hua Thanh Binh (01/20/2021)

Journey of colors and lights

Vietnamese artist Dinh Ngoc Son (10/20/2020)

The sun shines in his Palm Tree paintings

Ethereal Charm - Ho Huu Thu (10/04/2020)

Most important artist of Gia Dinh Fine Arts College

Truth in Painting (10/04/2020)

Ho Huu Thu master artist

Vietnam master Nguyen Lam (09/17/2020)

Vietnamese abstract expressionist painter

Vietnamese artist Nguyen Phuoc (06/12/2019)

The Figurative Outbursts

Vietnamese artist Van Tho (04/27/2018)

The comments on the famous artist Van Tho

Dang Xuan Hoa artist (04/04/2018)

The one of best Vietnam contemporary artists

The famous Vietnamese sculptor and painter Lê Công Thành (12/22/2017)

Le Cong Thanh and the question of the human condition

"Day, Night and Day" Exhibition by Nguyen Tan Cuong (10/13/2017)

Solo exhibition of Vietnam Artist Nguyen Tan Cuong

Lacquer Artists Of Vietnam (10/05/2017)

Arts of Asia January – February 2002

A Showcase of Contemporary Vietnamese Art (10/05/2017)

The exhibition of Ha Tri Hieu is curated by Tran Luong

Vietnam Artist Dang Xuan Hoa (02/24/2017)

The one of most important artists of the late 20th century


Gia Dinh Fine Arts School
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