Painting name:
Bui Vien Street after rain (#1042)
Tan Thieu
Oil on canvas
Mixed Cold
120cm x 100cm
US$ 1,200.0
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After Rain 1 , Tan Thieu , Vietnam Artist , vietnam painting , vietnam art , vietnamese artist

Tan Thieu

Code 789
Oil on canvas
100cm x 100cm
Saigon after rain , Tan Thieu , Vietnam artist , vietnam painting , vietnamese art , vietnam art

Tan Thieu

Code 788
Oil on canvas
140cm x 100cm

Born in 1981

Self - Taught Artist

Many private collections in USA , France , Germany , UK , Swiss , Malaysia , Singapore , Indonesia , Japan , Taiwan , Hong Kong ...

Exhibitions :

Group exhibition in Toulouse , France 2012

Group exhibition in Singapore 2013

From the inspired effort of comtemporary artist , he paints mostly impressionist realism , portrait and cityscapes with confidence and setting.

The subtleties of color and brushstrokes are both strong and vivid which made street lamps  and neon signs glitter on the roads in rain . With his mature's eyes and special techinques , his paintings capture the wonderful moments of modem life in the city which seems to be never sleep and mystery .