Portrait of Ms. Thu

Luu Cong Nhan

Code 1214
Pastel on paper
21cm x 28cm
US$ 1,000.0


1931  Born in Lau Thuong, VietnamMaster lecturer Hanoi Industrial Fine Arts CollegeLaureate of Vienna Biennale, Vienna, AustriaParticipated in solo and group exhibitions Vietnam, China, Eastern and Western EuropeStudied under To Ngoc Van, the master of Vietnamese oil paintingAwards:1951, 1960 the third prize of National Fine Art ExhibitionExhibitions2007  Women Painters, Painted Women in the National Fine Arts Museum of Vietnam2001  Vietnamese Contemporary Fine Art, Wilfrid Israel Museum2000  Mekong Magic, Jerusalem Theater Israel1951  3rd National Exhibition of Fine Arts (3rd prize), VietnamPublic Collections:The Viet Nam Fine Arts Museum, Viet NamThere is a self-confident Luu Cong Nhan and there is another Luu Cong Nhan tormented by gnawing doubts. “The path I’m following is absolutely right, art is not supposed to be repetitive”. “Sometimes, in retrospection, I find that everything I’ve created during the last thirty years is just worth dumping into the refuse bin”.Such is Luu Cong Nhan – so promising, so talented, so vagrant, so hopeless and so despairingly passionate …There is a Luu Cong Nhan, foot-loose and fancy-free stroller who wanders on every path of creation, experimenting every form of expression, exploring every field from Dong Ho prints, Chinese – style painting to expressionism, fauvism, abstractionism.