Painting name:
Morning Spring 2024 (#1456)
Dang Xuan Hoa
Oil on canvas
Mixed Warm
70cm x 90cm
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Vietnamese art history will record Dang Xuan Hoa as one of its most important artists of the late 20th century. Not simply because of his extraordinary talent but equally as important because f his leadership and openness to change. Hoa’s paintings show both his undeniable roots in Vietnam as his exposure to and absorption of the art from many other countries and periods. In Hoa’s style one can see the influence of artists from Nguyen Tu Nghiem and Nguyen Sang to Pablo Picasso and Jackson Pollock yet he always remains uniquely himself. In spite of his early success Hoa has continued to take risks in his work and seems never satisfied with just staying in the same place. As must as I like his earlier paintings I always look forward to seeing the next one .

C. David Thomas



He is in top 30 of Contemporary Artists in South-East Asian .His work is in demand all over the world and has been auctioned and exhibited across the globe from New York to Hong Kong to London . One of his most recent pieces , “Life” painted in 2008 , was auctioned at Sotheby’s Hong Kong for over $85,000 .


1959    Born in Nam Dinh, Viet Nam

1983    Graduated from Hanoi College of Fine Arts           

Member of the Vietnamese Fine Art AssociationChief material: Oil on canvas


2020 National Fine Art Exhibitiuon 2020

Exhibition of works leading contemporary Vietnamese artists on the art market 

2019 Fine arts works of representative Asian artists , Hanoi , Vietnam 

2016 : Mo Cua , Open Door , Vietnam Fine Arts Museum , Hanoi , Vietnam

2013 Fur , Fangs and Feathere : Vietnam Tet Animals , Calvin Charles Ga