"Day, Night and Day" Exhibition by Nguyen Tan Cuong

four faces, 40cm x 45cm, oil on canvas

D GALLERY, a contemporary art gallery Located in the Royal Phuket Marina, are outstanding and being one of the top leading galleries in Phuket. The works are aesthetically inspired by all principle aspects of life, whether it be social or political, created by leading Thai and Vietnamese artists.

We are pleased to present the “Day-Night and Day” -Contemporary Art exhibition- emerging by Vietnamese artist, Nguyen Tan Cuong, that will be held on 02 April – 31 May 2010

The formal opening of the exhibition will be on Friday, 2nd April 2010 between 6.00pm and 9.00pm at D Gallery, located within the Royal Phuket Marina. Everybody is welcome.

Nguyen Tan Cuong was born in Hanoi, Vietnam in 1953. He currently lives and works in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Graduated from the Saigon Fine Arts Collage in 1973. Nguyen Tan Cuong is a master at manipulating light. He builds up a texture on the canvas and then creates dynamic and compelling paintings through rich imagery and texture. He makes much use of rough, natural fiber in his work, which gives them an organic quality that is both visual and tangible. There is a raw elegance and sensuality in this body of work. His work is not entirely abstract yet there are rarely recognizable images.

Titled: Self Portrait
Medium: Oil on canvas
Year: 2010
Size: 40 x 45 cm
Exhibition: Day, Night and Day
Artist: Nguyen Tan Cuong
Medium: Mixed media on canvas
Venue: D Gallery, Royal Phuket Marina