Le Thang is the one of best 3D goldfish artists

Le Thang is a talented painter from Vietnam . Le Thang paints incredible 3D goldfish of undersea creatures onto multiple layers of resin. The technique was inspired by the 3D resin artwork of Japanese artist Riusuke Fukahori.

With gleaming scales and beautiful movement, these goldfishes look like they could be plucked straight out of the water.  A bucket seems to be filled with fast-moving goldfish rests in shallow water.  However, it is only on closure inspection that it becomes clear that these are a clever optical illusions.

The painstaking process sees the artist begin with a thin layer of resin, which he then paints fish onto using acrylic. 

Gradually, layer by layer, more details are added to bring the animals to life and create the optical illusion. On top of the sandwiched layers of resin are drawn animals before allowing the resin to settle and pouring another layer on top.

Please see more of his fantastic artwork as belows and you will not believe in your eyes .