Vietnamese Artist Do Xuan Doan

Do Xuan Doan travels around Vietnam to observe the scene and to watch people collecting flowers.
Do Xuan Doan’s inspiration in painting comes from his heart and soul and with his unique style of choosing the colors for his painting such as shining lavender, blazing red sunrise & deep rich yellow.
Even at age 70 years, he continues to paint and creates beautiful pieces of art for himself, for art lovers and for life.
In his “Flower fields” series show us the suburb area outside Ha Noi, north of Vietnam.
“Flower fields” offers freshness, happiness and peaceful feelings.
In his “Water pond” artwork show us the suburb area outside Ha Noi, north of Vietnam.
“Water pond” offers peaceful feelings and let us peek into the daily life of Vietnamese villagers.
The collector’s corner:
Designed to feel more like a contemporary Vietnamese residence, PARK HYATT SAIGON’s attention to detail extend to a range of specially commissioned Vietnamese works of art that are displayed throughout the hotel.

“Lunar New Year Festival” from the Vietnamese painter Do Xuan Doan is one of the most impressive pieces in the hotel which is hanging in the lobby, an area perfectly suited for welcoming  guests to a Vietnamese home and festivities.
Between simple & talent
During last 50 years, there was unusually any Vietnamese Artist living by their own job as Do Xuan Doan. He has always been doing his job hardly, happily and peacefully. It seems that he does not regards to fame, money or position, he just pay attention to his job. Although hard life, he is still open-hearted as well as modest so that his friends and colleagues always hold him in high esteem.
Since childhood, DXD has been owning a highly polished techniques and a certain graphic depict.
However, the home village landscapes with romantic penmanship are always enduring desires of Artist.
With soft styles, bright color, simple inspiration and light jacking bringing peaceful feeling with a little bit silent secret.
Nguyen Quan / Art Critique